I Joined BeautyBoundAsia

1:13 AM

Hello friends!

Recently I joined (BeautyBoundAsia). A contest designed to discover and train the beauty creators in YouTube. 

To complete the registration, I needed to submit an #AboutMe video which should not exceed 2 minutes. Since I only did this for one night only, here's the outcome. I'm not satisfied but hey, I got in as one of the semi-finalist which made me super happy.

Then, last September 5, 2015, we attended a workshop from YouTube,  (vlog will be up soon). I really had a great time at the event and I was able to meet a lot of YouTubers. Before we the event concluded, they gave us a bag full of goodies. HINT: SKII

Here's my unboxing/unbagging video:

Then we we're asked to upload our #seasonaltips. In our case, we were asked to upload a video about our Summer skincare, beauty and outfit tips. I really had a hard time on this challenge because we only had a week to film/edit the entire video and for me since, I had a full time corporate job, I had to juggle the extra time I have to finish the video.
But here's the final result. Tell me what you think about it? Is it ok?

I will update you tomorrow of the results if I got in for the nationals. Wish me luck!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your talent. :) tuwa sa bote kung bote :) Blessings and enjoy what your doing

  2. You look gorgeous girl! It's great to have stumbled upon your blog :)

    WhateverBabe | Bloglovin



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