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Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring

6:45 PM

I Didn't Plan coloring my hair at all but seeing beauty bloggers rave about this I told myself I must try this.

I tried coloring my hair with Mondes Hair Coloring (Forgot the shade) 2 years ago but the result was so light that after 3 days I just had to dye my hair black again. urrgghhh the hassle. It made my hair dry and brittle plus I had that annoying dandruff.

So now, after reading positive comments from my fellow bloggers I began searching for it. Love and I went to Etude House SM manila and SM North EDSA (no luck for me) It's out of stock. I went back to SM manila the other week and at last it's there.

About the product:

The shade I bought is Natural Brown. Super like the paper bag. It's so pink and girly

Inside the box

it includes this super USELESS manual. Why useless? because it's in korean. no english translation

How did I use it:
1) I pour the sachet with the number 1 label in it to the container
2)I tilt it side to side to mix the product as suggested by the fellow bloggers (didn't work out for me cause when I pumped it, watery solution came out not the bubbles I was expecting) so what I did is I super shake it. hehehe
3) I applied it to my hair and waited for 30 or 45 mins. I rinsed it with shampoo and conditioner( the one included in the box)
4) the voila!! My natural brown hair color.

This was taken a week after I colored my hair. @UST Velada Tomasina event

  • the price is affordable @378
  • Easy to use
  • the conditioner works like magic
  • its DIY. no need to go to Salon
  • I felt that my hair becomes dry
  • I don't like the scent, but it's tolerable

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  1. Wow I really love the color! I have been wanting to try this hair color from Etude because it's more affordable but the only problem I have is you said it dried your hair? Was your hair already colored when you used this?

    1. Wow my first comment ever. Thanks you so much.yes, I had colored my hair before but it was May 2010 pa. I used Snoe hair heroes intense with Argan oil to prevent my hair from drying. So far my hair has never been this good.

  2. Hi Dut,

    The hair color I was mentioning in the comment above was Revlon. :)



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