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The Traincase of a College Student

6:35 AM

Hello everyone,

 Just wanna share to you my first humble traincase (sorry for the bad quality pics. Still learning to photograph things ). Anyways, I bought this traincase in Divisoria inside 168 mall ground floor. I think it's near the escalator. I can't remember the exact place though but that's the only stall I saw that sells train cases in different sizes and colors.

my first humble Makeup train case. Bought in Divisoria last December @1500

It's big isn't it?

Just let me know your thoughts about my train case in the comment box below. 

Much Love From,
-- Abby <3

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  1. do u have contact number of the store? i want to buy that kind of makeup case too.. thank u!

  2. Sadly I don't have. Have you checked they have makeup traincase in their discount vouchers right now.

    Here's the link:

    hope this help. thanks. <3 :)



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