Simple Everyday makeup using 2 Blue eyeshadow

10:13 AM

For the face:

I Start of with my daily cleansing routine (Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize).
Apply face primer to make the bb cream last the whole day

Next is apply bb cream / tinted moisturizer. BB creams or tinted moisturizer are good for everyday use because it is not heavy like foundation.

After applying bb creams, apply concealer under the eyes. Then set all the face products using a translucent face powder.

Lastly, smile then put a rosy pink blush

For the eyes:  

I start off by applying eye-primer all over my lids and crease.
Applying primer will not only make your eyeshadow look more vibrant but also will tend to avoid creasing. ~~A must for those who have hooded eyes like me.

Second I apply a cream based eyeshadow all over the lids and up above the crease area.
I used the tap and press technique in applying the cream eyeshadow using my ring finger.
I smudge a little bit the eyeshadow in the crease area to make a fading effect.

Lastly, I apply a blue powder eyeshadow to set my cream eyeshadow on.

For the lips:

I apply tons of lip balm to moisturize my lips then I wipe it off with a clean tissue to help exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells.

I apply a pink lipstick then top it off with a clear lip gloss. Then that's it.

What can you say about this look?


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  1. Thanks for the tips.This is very helpful.

  2. Thanks you po. I'm glad you liked it. :D

  3. OMG!! I'm so glad you dropped by my blog. I was able to discover yours,. I love your eye make up here. You elegantly pulled a blue, great job!! BTW, i love the pink traincase you have! ;))

  4. i like this look a lot! including the earrings hihi :) what products did you use? if you don't mind:)

  5. i like this look a lot! including the earrings hihi :) what products did you use? if you don't mind:)

    *oops sorry about my earlier post! the blogspot account automatically sets itself as commenter.



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