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Ellana Mineral Blushes

10:17 PM

Ellana Mineral Powder Blush in Fulfillment, flirtation and Kitten

Ellana Minerals are the first cosmetic brand I collected since the start of my makeup collection. 

Why? because, I'm a college student with a very limited budget and only Ellana Mineral Makeups are the one I could afford. 

But Hey! there are also plenty local makeup brands that sells inexpensive makeup but why I chose Ellana?

first It's mineral. that time I still don't know a lot about makeups and I don't want to take the risk of ruining my skin.

second, its super inexpensive. Their makeup range starting from P100 - P420 and I tell you, a little goes a long way. 

third, they give free samples. Just fill up the forms in their website and pay the shipping fee. The free samples consist of ( 3 Mineral Foundation, Mineral Finishing Powder, Mineral Powder Blush).

So moving on to their blushes:

FULFILLMENT ( watermelon peach with sheer gold satin)
My first ever blush. Bought this twice already.

FLIRTATION ( bright strawberry pink with sheer matte finish)
A cool bright pink. Just exactly what dolls are wearing. :D

KITTEN (peachy pink with sheer gold finish)
My newly purchased blush from Ellana. This is love at first sight. I believe this will look great on both medium and fair skin.


up: fulfillment down: flirtation

What I think you'll love at this blushes:
  • it's inexpensive fulfillment and flirtation (1g cost only P100) and Kitten (2.5g cost P180)
  • A little goes a long way, very pigmented
  • It's paraben-free 
  • Many variety of shades to choose
  • it gives a very natural glow/finish
What I think you'll hate at this blushes:
  • messy application sometimes. :D

My Overall Final Verdict:
I'm very much in love with this brushes. it didn't broke me out unlike other blushes, gives me a nice glow which is good, and inexpensive.

Will I repurchase this?
Yes of course.. After I purchase Kitten I'm now currently eyeing on Fettish. 

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  1. So pretty! i bougth flirtation after reading several blogs that it gives a pinkish glow. So excited to use it. I wish mineral makeup didn't come in loose powder form cos their inconvenient to use and carry around. And they tend to be messy.

    How did you find kitten? which is prettier for you, flirtation or kitten? Thanks :)

  2. I also agree. :)

    Kitten is my most used blush as of the moment. Gives me a nice pink glow with a hint of gold sparkles. Flirtation on the other hand is too pink for me so I rarely use it. :)



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