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Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Powder

9:54 AM

I have been obsessed in grooming my brows lately. I admire how celebrities look younger when they have this full yet soft looking brows.  I watched other you tube gurus achieve that look, I found out that they are using eyebrow powder although some can achieve the same look using eyebrow pencils. I went to the drugstore to find some then I stumbled upon the Fanny Serrano makeup counter, I asked the SA if they have eyebrow powders. She immediately handled me this.

I checked what was inside and I was like WOW!.. It has four shades, other only has two

grey, brown, black, light brown (left to right)
the SA also told me that this can also double as an eye shadow. Being a beginner in makeup that time I was like, ang galing! I bought the eye shadow and swatched it at home.

grey, black, brown, light brown

for soft looking brows, this powder can be directly applied in the brows. I use the light brown one for contouring. :D

brown, light brown, grey, black

I swatched it at the back of my hand using a wet angled brush. voila! look how the colors popped. the black one can also be used as an eyeliner. Applying eyebrow powder using a wet angled brush can make your eyebrow stay in place through out the day.

How bout you? Do you have any eyebrows technique you want to share? Just comment it out in the comment box below. :D

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  1. Hi! I just dip a soft angled liner brush into brown eyeshadow (light or dark) on my brows. I found it softer than using a pencil on my eyebrows.:)

    how much is this fanny serrano eyebrow powder?:)

  2. Hi Ms. Mej, fanny serrano eyebrow powder cost 350 pesos.

    Sometimes I also like using brown and black eyeshadows for my brows it's a better alternative for eyebrow powders. :)

  3. I just recently tried doing my brows so this is great info ;)



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