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A Fan's Gift

7:24 AM

Hi Friends! so after being away from the blogger world, I am back again and typing here!! (How many times did I say this? )

I had been very busy/OBSESSED doing youtube videos lately that I tend to neglect this blog (Sorry for that. :'(  )

Anyways, for this post I want to share to you the gift that I gave to Shebby of ShebbyChic for her birthday!
I had been a fan of Shebby's since I saw her video on the 1st Etude House Pink Artiste search and was so happy to hear the news that she won on the 2nd Etude House Pink Artiste Search.

I spent almost ( i forgot how many weeks ) for this and was so happy with the final result (especially because Shebby liked it).
So without further ado, here it is:

At first, I didn't think she will like it neither it will pass her expectations well because she's an Interior Design student. ( You know naman the standards of an art student ). Which made me really really really happy that she loved it. Here's the proof the she liked it :)

Well that's it for my post today! Tell me what you think about the design. I would be very delighted to read your thoughts. and don't hesitate to tell me  if you want me to design your blog also!! :)

Much Love,
 - Abby

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