My End Of August Haul

10:33 AM

So this is going to be my first haul post in my blog and as I had promised to myself I will update this blog regularly.

Last week, we had 2 holidays here in the Philippines (that means two days of no work/classes and also many shops/malls will be on sale)

My friend and I are going to meet at MOA that afternoon for some spent time together before she leaves the country and while waiting for her, I decided to roam around at SM department store and look for a teasing comb.

The sales lady at the Revlon counter approached me and told me that their Just bitten kissable lip balm stains are on sale.

I have been wanting to try that product for almost three months now and I was actually planning to purchase it from an online shop because it is much cheaper (good thing I waited). 

Here are the 2 shades that I bought
Rendezvous and Cherish Devotion

Next my friend and I went to the Benefit shop and she got me a gift ( which I really really like), My first benefit product. (YAY!)

I had heard a lot of good reviews and ravings that makes me wants to personally try out the cha cha tint, but since I want to try other products as well I chose this.

Next we went to the Landmark Department Store and the Revlon counter inside is also having a sale, I checked it out and saw that their lip butter is on sale. I originally want to buy sweet tart but the shade is very similar to cherish devotion so I chose Juicy Papaya instead.

Before going home, I was able to buy what I was originally looking for - the teasing comb. My friend help me choose what teasing comb I should buy

The next day, I went online and bought myself some wet and wild lipsticks and an elf HD blush from the Primp Pad

Then lastly I went to the etude house store to buy a lipliner. I bought 2 of these and I gave one to my office mate :)

Well that's it for my haul post today! I hope you enjoy reading. <3

BTW! I also have a Tagalog video of this haul post, you might want to check it out here.


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  1. love the revlon products that you purchased, i missed their sale unfortunately :(

  2. I have those revlon lippies and i love them all! They're very hydrating! :)

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