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Halloween Party 2013

11:29 AM

Hi Friends! 

 So yesterday I was able to attend Say's Halloween Party together with my youtube friends (Joyce, Teena and Chrissy) I know, we are not that close to be called one of their friends but "feelingera ako" and I'll call them my friends. haha!

At first, I didn't expect anything at all. I just went there because I heard Joyce will be there that's all. This is also my first time meeting Chrissy! I'm telling you guys, she is super pretty! Hands Down!

So let's move on, I don't have a lot pictures to show because I'm too lazy to take my camera out and take pictures.

I came to the event looking like Harley Quinn A.K.A Joker Girl.
Imagine the attention that I was given when I rode the MRT and Jeepney looking like this!

And this look is all thanks to my very supportive boyfriend!

He did my makeup for that event! How I wished I filmed this. (My boyfriend does my makeup! haha!)

While editing the pictures, I noticed that I haven't got any pictures with Say the host of the party. Oh well, I'll just grab some from her pics next time.

Next are some of the pictures with my YT friends and my new found friends!

L-R: Patty, Mela, Teena and Me

L-R: Patty, Mela, Me, Hersey, Teena and Lyka

L-R: Teena, Joyce, Chrissy and Me

I also got to take home some of the amazing stuffs that I won from the event.

Maybelline Colorsensation Lipstain in Blushing from Chedelyn Cosmetics

Whitening soap from Absynthe Bath and Beauty Products

A Brush Tree from Beauty Cosmetics which I have been dying to have since the
first time I saw it at the beauty fair

and  a voucher coupon from the style quarter
(a little short note about this. earlier I posted this voucher online with the code on it. After 19 hrs, that is the time when I realized that I made a terrible move, good thing the style quarter is very nice to help me out with my problem. (A big big thanks to the style quarter ))

Overall the party is a blast, I really had a great time. Say and Mark are very nice and accommodating.
The foods where delicious, I had the chance to meet a lot of new friends and also to take home a lot of stuffs!

How about you? How did you spent your Halloween this year? Don't forget to comment your experience. and I hope to hear from you soon.


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