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Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC cream Review

9:35 PM

When it comes to my morning moisturizer, it's no doubt that I only use Olay!
I had been with this brand since my college days. 

a little story on how I came to love this brand -- I have a guy classmate (haha! I just remember those days that I really was not interested in putting things on my face) who has a lot of pimples marks and bumps on his face. Then one day, after some time of not being able to notice the people around me (oh yes! I am that kind of classmate that doesn't even bother talking to someone at school, in short I'm your loner type of classmate. My only routine would be school & home. I even fixed my class schedules wherein I don't need to have breaks. Just imagine my schedule, a 7am - 3pm straight class.), I finally noticed how smooth looking his face was at that time. Then I begun asking him questions whether he had some treatment done like diamond peel or facials and he told me that he just used the Olay total effects moisturizer. I also had the urge to try that product out, I saved my allowance for the next 2 weeks to buy myself my first moisturizer. At first, I never noticed any difference until my friends asked me if I have been doing something on my face, they had the same reaction I had when I noticed my classmate's skin. Moving on today, I am still using the same brand and still getting a lot of compliment on how my skin looks.

So now let's get started with the review.
I bought mine at the Landmark Makati Supermarket for Php 499
The Product as specified in the website claims that it:
    • Airbrushes the appearance of pores for a flawless finish
    • Reduced the appearance of pores in 80 percent of women, as assessed by expert graders
    • Multi-tasking moisturizer with CC (Color and Correction) coverage
    • Formulated with 7-in-1 benefits to maintain healthy, younger-looking skin
    • Oil-free, lightweight, and won’t clog pores

    My thoughts on the product:
    • Yes it is oil free, lightweight and it doesn't cause any irritations on my skin
    • It doesn't give any coverage at all but it does makes my skin look brighter
    • It doesn't moisturize my face compared to the Olay Total Effect 7 in 1 Moisturizer
    • I love the sweet flowery scent of it
    • It does makes my pores appear smaller but not to the point that it will look as if it was airbrushed

    Here is the product in action

    On my face

    Look how it makes my skin brighter

    I like this product but not to the extent that it will replace my first love which is the olay total effect moisturizer.

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    1. Tlaga abby? Kht acne prone skin? Galing nmn.. I want to try that one.. Yan b ung 700+?

      1. Yup, marami akong pimple mark dati tapos nung gumamit ako ng olay sobrang nagimprove talaga ung skin ko :) try mo sis, medyo pricey sya pero worth it syempre. Masusuggest ko bilin mo ung total effect moisturizer, meron maliliit na size para matest mo kung ok ba sya sa skin :)

    2. Ah.. Uu nga i remember na, nsa 350 ata ung small nyan.. Pricey pa dn, kya d ako bumibili. Haha! Cge ons of this days bibili aq nyan.. Thanks abby

    3. Wow!!effective pala tlaga yung olay



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