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8:08 AM

Hello Guys!

Let's talk about business.

So here's the thing. You all know that i'm into codes right? In the past years, after I started doing Youtube videos and blogging, I also started designing blog templates for some of my fellow Pinay bloggers during my spare time (which I don't frequently have). I didn't asked for any talent fees since this is my way to show my support to the community and I deeply believe that the experiences that I gained is much more precious than any material things that I can get.

But last Christmas, RJ, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to my dream countries for my birthday this year. I didn't want him to shoulder all the expenses on our trip that's why I started limiting all my monthly expenses (my YT channel was also affected by this) and tried to save as much as I could.

4 months had pass and I felt like my savings is still not enough. That's why I thought that I need to do something to increase my monthly income. This is the only thing that came to my mind -- to offer customized blog templates to my blogger friends.

So if you want to update your blog design. Please do contact me thru my email. or you can message me directly to my fb account.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon
P.S. perfect for bloggers that are on a tight budget. hihihi ;)


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