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Lipstick of the Day (Oseur' Moisture Shine Lipstick in Coral)

9:36 AM

During our field trip in Cebu, we happened to stop by at Gaisano Mall in Mactan, Cebu where we had our dinner before we head back to Manila. We have ample of time so I decided to roam around the cosmetics area and was wondering around what souvenir I could get for myself.

I checked all the unfamiliar stall( Stalls that I think was unavailable in Manila) there I saw Oseur`. I checked out their lipstick and swatched some as well. I immediately liked this one.

Packaging is decent. :)

Swatch on my Lips:

What I love About the Lipstick/ shade:
  • A sheer cherry red lipstick
  • not drying on the lips
  • doesn't need to apply lip balm underneath
  • affordable for less than 100 Pesos
What I Don't Like

  • the lipstick is soft and can easily melt or break. 

Will I Repurchase it again?
Yes, if I happened to find one here in manila. :)

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