My Punta Fuego Experience

7:26 PM

Sorry for the lack of post this weekend. I had been out of town because of our company's outing. Didn't bring laptop cause I don't want to add more weight in my heavy baggage.

Anyhoo, We went to Club Punta Fuego located at Nasugbu, Batanggas. We spent almost three hours travel time just to get to the place. Before going to Punta Fuego we had our brunch first in La Trobada Restaurant in Tagaytay City. The view of Taal lake while having our brunch was spectacular.

La Trobada Restaurant
A View of Taal
La Trobada's Bulalo

Sizzling bulalo
Late Lunch Entertainment (Btw. These three sung very well)
Our experience in Punta Fuego was Superb. The staffs are all very friendly and the place is outstanding first class. Here are some photos I took while in Club Punta Fuego.

the souvenir booth at the lobby
Welcome Drinks
Pandan Tea (I like this tea. It's very refreshing!)

They use Pevonia Botanica for their Spa Products

Some announcements at the front desk
SPA Rate
Next Photos will be our spacious room

I was pretty much amazed at the bathroom. I had never been to a bathroom as big as this

Next Photos will be on the landscaping, Beach and Pools

The Kiddie Pool

On the beach

Pool Side

Pool Again

Pool plus the Sea

Dinning Area near the Pool

A view of the Sea

Infinity Pool

Punta Fuego at Sunset


Punta Fuego at Sunset Part 2

Morning View
Well that's almost it. Before I end this post, just wanna say thank you to my company and my office mates for this wonderful experience.  Hope You enjoyed reading and viewing the pictures...

Much Love,
 -- Abby

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