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AbbysLittleCorner: Dermplus Sunblock Activation Booth

8:00 AM

Summer 2015 is already coming to an end and I'm am very much excited to welcome the cold and wet rainy seasons. (summer here is just so HOT! not a very summery person tho) but did you know that you should wear sunblock every day and not only in the summer?
Wearing sunblock is very essential for me. I wear sunblock even if I'm not exposed to the sun and I double my sunscreen protection whenever I will face the heat of the piercing sun.
Not only it will help me fight against those skin disease that I get thru sun exposure but it will also help me fight early skin aging.

Last Friday, I was able to visit the activation booth of Dermplus in SM Megamall.

The booth is located in front of McDonald's. It's very eye catchy so there's no chance that you will not see it.

About Dermplus:
Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is a UV ray-protective product that has UVA and UVB filters plus titanium dioxide to prevent skin damage and aging. It is ideal for everyday use and suited even for people with sensitive skin. It is also packed with nourishing ingredients such as seaweed extract to heal skin damage and aloe vera extract to soothe and cool the skin. Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is *PABA Free and most of all, water resistant, so your skin is shielded with utmost protection.

*PABA (Para Amino Benzonic Acid) is a sun protection ingredient that frequently causes allergic reaction.
Kids playing at the Dermplus Booth
Now back to the Sunblocks.
Dermplus has a wide variety of sunblocks to choose from that will cater your needs.

What does the stars means?
The Boots Star is a European standard for indicating the ratio of UVA and UVB protection of sunscreen and sunblock. The current system rates five stars the highest, offering THE BEST SUN PROTECTION for skin.

Aside from the product claims I am also quite impressed with the price range. So SULIT!

I can't wait to try their products out! I'll make a separate post for these.

If ever you happen to pass by SM Megamall. Don't forget to drop by their booth.
They're there till May 14, 2015


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  1. you went there din pala. sayang sana nagsabay na tayo. :-)



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