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Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation Review

8:10 PM

Hi everyone! Today's review will be the powder that I bought 2 months ago.
Bought this to a friend of mine who is selling human nature product. So far, I have been loving all my human nature products especially the Sunflower oil and the toners that's why I have high expectation when it comes to this foundation. Guess I was wrong in doing so, because it did disappoint me :(

retails for 495 Php

According to the website. The product description is:
100% Natural | Hypoallergenic

Finally, a perfect foundation that’s so comfortable to wear, you won’t even notice it’s there!
Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation is formulated with multi-functional rice powderbamboo powder, and Vitamin E to give medium to high coverage and help seamlessly cover imperfections! It leaves you only with a velvety soft matte finish, perfect complexion, a flawless-looking, shine-free face... and none of the harmful chemical ingredients found in regular foundations! Just the perfect match for your skin you’ve been waiting for!

It has 3 Filipina- Friendly shades to choose from:
Vanilla for Light
Honey for Fair
Caramel for Medium

I first ordered Honey because I thought Vanilla is too light for me but it turns out that honey is a bit dark for my skin that's why I swapped my foundation to my office mate. :)

I really love the packaging of Human Nature Products. I also like that they specify when the Expiry date is. (they now release a different packaging though). The compact comes in a purple plastic container which for me can be easily scratched inside my makeup bag.

I liked that they have a separate section for the sponge. The sponge compartment has little holes in it that why I think that this foundation can be used wet or dry.
Another thing about separate sponge compartments is that for me I feel like it avoids faster contamination of the product.

Now onto the product itself and why I didn't like it.
For reference I have normal to dry skin which also affect my experience with the product.
My friend who have oily skin loves this and she purchased this 3 times already.

Yes, it's true to it's claim that this is very comfortable to wear. It's super lightweight and it really feels like I don't have any foundation on but I'm having a hard time blending it to my skin (again, maybe this is because I have dry skin). Whenever I wear this, people tells me that I didn't blend my foundation/concealer well. I tried using the powder alone but my dry patches will always be very noticeable. I tried using a brush for lighter application but still the same result ;(

The coverage is very decent. It covers the little blemishes that I have, but sometimes if I'm having a bad skin day (breakouts) The redness of my pimples are always peaking thru.

For the longevity of the product since I have dry skin, it will stay on all day considering that I'm in a well air conditioned place.

Here's my before and after using the product.
using human nature perfect coverage mineral foundation on the right

It appears to light for me but it tones down to my skin tone after some hours.

Hope you find this helpful!


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